Legislative Program

Some in Maryland are planning to spend $8 billion for just one road project -- adding more lanes to I-270 and I-495 between Frederick and the American Legion Bridge.  There’s a much smarter way to spend that money.  It could create a connected rail network to serve 9 counties and Baltimore City, where more than four-fifths of the state’s population lives.


In today’s economy, transit access is the key to attracting jobs and investment.  Making transit the state’s top transportation priority will put Marylanders to work, strengthen the economy, and protect our environment.  


We call on the General Assembly and Governor Hogan to immediately take the first steps to realize this vision:

  •           Stand firm and build the already-funded Purple Line
  •           Fully fund existing transit systems with no cuts in service
  •           Resume work on the Red Line, canceled just months before construction was to start
  •           Fully fund the project planning and development phase of the Southern Maryland Light Rail project at $25 million
  •           Use $100 million budgeted for tinkering with I-270 to upgrade the MARC Brunswick/Frederick Line instead
  •           Repeal transit farebox recovery requirements
  •           Enact legislation to create a planning and oversight board for the Maryland Transit Administration (override veto of HB 1010)
  •           Openly and transparently implement the process for prioritizing proposed transportation projects enacted last year (HB 1013)