MTOC Statement on Toll Lane Record of Decision

August 25, 2022

The Federal Highway Administration asked its Volpe Center to review our July 11 letter questioning the validity of the traffic model results in the toll lane FEIS. Our letter requested an independent review to look into the possibility of scientific fraud.

Volpe Center confirms our letter's contention that the results presented in the FEIS were generated by adjusting intermediate or final model outputs by hand. Volpe stated that it "could not assess the plausibility or validity of these adjustments."

Volpe Center also stated that when intermediate model outputs change "it is often necessary" to feed the changes back into a trip routing model, and that "It appears that this feedback step was not part of the analysis conducted for the FEIS."

The basic rationale asserted for this project is traffic relief. We are deeply disappointed that FHWA would issue a Record of Decision when the merits of the project have not been confirmed.


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